Complete Verification for USD Deposit/Withdrawal in Huobi

Complete Verification for USD Deposit/Withdrawal in Huobi

How to Complete Verification for USD Deposit/WithdrawalSince depositing and withdrawing USD balance is provided by Stable Universal, you will need to follow its terms and conditions, and complete the verification according to its user agreement.

Step 1: Please log into Huobi official website:;

Step 2: Please click “Exchange Account” under “Balances”;


Step 3: Click “Deposit” next to USD balances;


Step 4: Choose the payment method you would like to use and click “Deposit”;


Step 5: Click “Verify” on the pop-up window;


Step 6: Choose “Personal Verification” or “Institutional Verification” according to your needs;


Step 7: Please follow the instructions to provide required basic information, and click “Next”;

Step 8: Click “Verify Now” and choose the issuing country/region and ID type (Passport / Driver’s license / Identity Card are accepted) to verify in the pop-up window.

Step 9: Upload a picture or take a photo of your ID to submit


Step 10: Complete the face verification in the next page. Please make sure your laptop has an available camera, or you will need to go back to choose to complete the verification on your mobile phone.


After these efforts, your information has been submitted for verification. It normally takes a few minutes to complete the verification, but in cases will take up to 7 days for review. Please contact to check the status.