How to Verify Account in Huobi ?

How to Verify Account in Huobi ?

How to Verify account

To verify your Huobi account follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1) Log into your Huobi account

Step 2) Under your “Profile” icon, Click on “Identification” in the drop-down menu as below to upload your documents for verification


Step 3) Click "Verify"


We will verify your ID. It only takes two steps. Please confirm:

1 ID Verification: can be passport, ID, Driver licence

Original documents only, no photocopy, no selfie


2 face recognition

Make sure your whole face is visible and your eyes are open

Ensure adequate light

Avoid using filters



ID Card both side

Drivers licence both side

The documents must show your name, photo and not expire


Step 4) Click "Verify"


Step 5) Click "Start" and upload your document as Huobi required:


Kindly follow the below requirements strictly to prevent a delay in your verification process.

Name and country must be exactly as shown in your passport. Please include your middle name (if any), in either of the name fields

Points to take note for the Photo ID upload:

Formats supported include JPG or PNG format

Please don’t upload scan or copy version

The document must be smaller than 5MB

Information in the passport/identity photo, especially the passport/identity number and the name, must be clearly visible without any modification or obstruction.

Step 6) Your verification will be processed within 24 hours once all documents have been correctly submitted.

If your account has not been verified after 3 days, kindly submit a help request at or email us at thank you.

You can enjoy the following privileges when you:

Complete Registration:Complete ID Verification:Complete Advanced Verification:
ExchangeDigital Assets Withdrawal Quota: 0.06 BTC/24hDigital Assets Withdrawal Quota: 100 BTC/24hDigital Assets Withdrawal Quota: 100 BTC/24h
P2PSingle or Total Trade Volume Quota: 156 USD(Est.)Single Trade Volume Quota: 312 USD (Est.) orTotal Trade Volume Quota: 1562 USD(Est.)No Upper Limits
DerivativesNot AvailableNo upper limits if activating all Derivatives accountsNo upper limits if activating all Derivatives accounts