Binance: Users Can Now Buy $WTC by Using a Credit/Debit Card

Binance: Users Can Now Buy $WTC by Using a Credit/Debit Card


Biance made an announcement today that its users can now directly purchase $WTC using a credit or debit card and $LEVER on recurring buy. The users will be able to buy $WTC with major fiat currencies. The $WTC (WaltonChain) token can be used for staking, voting for governance, and conducting simple token transactions. $WTC enables users to build sub-chains as per their needs.

New Fiat Currencies Now Available

Binance also revealed some new fiat currencies acceptable for $WTC purchases. The new fiat currencies serviceable for $WTC purchases are AUD, BGN, BRL, EUR, GBP, PLN, RUB, TRY, and UAH. Binance also wrote in the announcement that its users would be able to buy $LEVER on Recurring Buy with major and new fiat currencies EUR and GBP.

Note For Buyers From Brazil

According to Binance, users from Brazil paying via credit and debit card will be charged the Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras (IOF) tax on every card transaction. IOF is a federal tax imposed on credit, insurance, exchange, and secure transactions. It is executed through financial institutions that include intercompany loans. Brazil’s federal government has the right to increase or decrease the rates of IOF. Such changes are in action immediately after the change.